Effective online communication for churches is tough. We, at FaithVox, get that.

A few ministries are getting great results. But the majority are not.

For many people your website will be their first introduction to your church. Think of it as your virtual welcome mat.

Whether they are looking for you deliberately or just searching for churches in the area, many people will find your website long before they set foot in your actual, physical, church building. You probably already get this, but what’s next?
Next is thinking about what’s happening on the other side of your virtual welcome mat…

  • Is your digital door open?
  • Is it open but no one is at home?
  • What really happens when your online visitor walks through your virtual door?

Most likely, you’re not doing all you can to impact the people within your reach.

To understand the problem and the solution, let’s take a few moments to think about your church’s offline scenario.

In your physical church, you have a definite process for integrating newcomers into your ministry, including: finding out who they are and welcoming them warmly; pointing them to small groups or church classes; encouraging them to commit or recommit to Jesus; and then empowering them to discipleship and leadership where that visitor then helps “usher in” newcomers.

Taking these steps online means you are able to replicate your offline process continuously.

This is “church online” – a 24/7 cycle of evangelism.

Also, different things happen at church depending on the needs and interests of the worshipers. If the parishioners are interested in marriage, then the pastor might do a series on that. Conversely, if the pastor was planning a lecture series on marriage but no one signs up, it will be scrapped for something else more relevant to the people at that time.

In addition, at your physical church, you try your best to be warm and welcoming; to be available; to have the time, even a few moments, for that all important personal contact.

So, how well are you replicating your visitors’ offline church experiences online?

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Assuming you have the right people in place (or they are willing to learn), here are the questions you need to address:

  1. Does your church have a clear digital strategy that replicates your offline experience, online? (A digital strategy is all about being intentional in the way you use your digital tools to minister to your congregation and share Jesus with your community.) We have written an ebook about this. Keep reading.
  2. Does your digital church platform have all the tools it needs to give your online visitors authentic, spiritually-meaningful experiences?
  3. Does your website respond dynamically to its users – answering their comments and questions, changing the content to reflect what is trending for them at the moment?
  4. How warm and welcoming IS your digital church platform? For example: Does it work on mobile devices? Is the focus only on internal members (those ‘in the know’ complete with inside jargon and an assumption of prior knowledge) or is it also comprehensible to newcomers? Is site navigation easy with clear pathways? Is the picture presented of your church a realistic one?

Chances are, one or more of the answers to the questions above was ‘no’ or ‘not really’.


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Honestly, we know it isn’t easy to create a comprehensive, welcoming digital ministry presence that captures information, connects with worshipers, and communicates effectively with your audience, both online and offline.

But with so many different tools available – how do you know where to start? And which ones DO you really need?

Of course, you also want your resources (time, money, effort) to be used in the best way possible…and to touch lives, moving them from offline to online.

Through our experience in working with dozens of churches around the world, FaithVox knows this is most likely not your fault.

Perhaps you have too many systems that don’t talk to each other.
Maybe you have a solution that tries to do too much and ends up being confusing.
Your current platform, using current best practices, seems to be working well as is.
Or a supplier sold you a solution, then left you without tech support.

Does any of this sound familiar?


It was for Houston Central…a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Houston, Texas.

Did Houston Central have a digital presence? Sure, a website + some social media.

Wasn’t that enough? Not exactly. Their digital tools were mostly being used to convey information and not to connect with people online.

Why? They saw themselves as a traditional ministry and felt face-to-face evangelism was the only thing really worth investing in.

What changed things? The game changers were Faithvox’s 7-Step Process and Digital Platform – two components that work together to help churches implement or enhance their digital strategy. After applying each step, and giving the solution time to work, Houston Central saw small, then bigger wins.

angel“We had 5 visitors that came to church for the 1st time because of a Google search…The new website is drawing people. Praise the Lord!”

numbersHow much time did it take? It took almost 3 years to relaunch their digital strategy (mostly due to re-education), but 2 weeks after they did, they saw 5 new online visitors who did a Google search to all walk through the door in 1 week. The big win was a slight shift towards taking digital more seriously at this church – saving some time, money and energy over using only traditional marketing means.

Exciting stuff, right? We think so.

Our team feels honored every time a client chooses us to help them improve their digital presence. Our clients’ successes inspire us. They prove the worth of our methods and drive us to continually strive to improve our digital platform.

Potomac Conference

We helped Potomac Conference with their ongoing Cultivate initiative – encouraging local churches to train, plan and grow towards major evangelistic events in 2017.

The new website was led by their strategy of equipping and encouraging churches (and their members) through valuable and useful content.

Huntington SDA

Huntington came to us for a new site to better reflect their branding and personality.

We gave them a site that not only looks great, but also includes great functionality helping them better communicate with both their existing members, and potential visitors in the local community.

East New York SDA

East New York SDA had an existing site where they were happy with the content and the overall design. To make it easier for them to keep things updated, and communicate with their members and potential visitors – we ported the website to the FaithVox platform with a bit of a refresh.

The Result?

Our FaithVox team is committed to offering churches a real, scalable, digital platform that allows you to capture information, connect with worshipers, and communicate effectively with your audience, both online and offline.
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Many of our clients like our FaithVox platform because it evolves to keep current with best practices, it blends seamlessly with tools you are probably already using, AND increases the number of people through your online (and often your offline) doors.

Consequently, the FaithVox platform makes achieving your Ministry’s communication goals easier from both a design and integration perspective.

Specifically, the FaithVox platform:

  • Helps you communicate better, reaching more people, online and offline.
  • Creates more effective, less time-consuming communications.
  • Saves money.
  • Offers a user-friendly, hassle-free interface with real tech support people to guide you as needed.
  • Provides security and room for growth.
  • Integrates with your other ministry tools.

The FaithVox expert team works with you to achieve this with:

Professional Design
Eye catching designs, made specifically for churches by award winning designers. Your church will never look better.

Relevant Content
Tools and advise to help you write content that your potential visitors are looking for. Welcome them, make them feel at home, and keep them coming back.

Building Traffic
Share your church and make sure it can be found. We look after Search Engine Optimisation and making sure your details are found by Facebook and Twitter.

Facilitating Conversion
Do more than just attract visitors. Convert them to supporters or members with our tools for mailing list building and more.

Increasing Communication
Handle all your communications from one place, and make sure everyone knows what is happening.

Gathering Results
Built in analytics to help you track your progress and decide how to use your website more effectively.

Blending Integrations
We’re building a platform that integrates with integrates with the platforms you’re already using for email, text, social media and more.

Optimized for Performance
We look after all the technical things to make sure your site loads quickly on any device – from mobile to tablet to big screens.

Security and Backups
Sleep easy, knowing we look after all your websites security and keep robust backups just in case.

We have partnered with a handful of churches over the last 1 year and now are ready to open our our doors to churches and ministry that are ready to grow.

All our our clients have seen results where people’s lives were changed. Are you ready to open (wide) your digital door? Perhaps you are not sure what needs to happen or if we are a fit for you. We understand. Because FaithVox is passionate about helping churches speak digitally, we would like to offer you some FREE stuff to get you started.”

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