Church hacked + fixes


How to fix and prevent church website hackings

When you hear the sentence, “The woodcutter hacked down the tree”, what image comes to your mind? Most likely, NOT a swift, clean cut. More like a series of heavy, rough blows that basically make a mess of the job. So, if someone hacked into your church’s website, you can imagine the damage they are…



Using Fallback Images for a Visually Stunning Website

Recently, I was invited to speak at a Regional Ministers Conference about how churches can communicate better. It was a great time – and the main takeaway I left them with was to always remember who they are communicating with – and to remove any barriers they could to that message getting across. It’s essential…

Digital Native

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Church tongue twisters fail for Gen Z (and how to fix this)

“Nevertheless, in church I would rather speak five words with my mind in order to instruct others, than ten thousand words in a tongue” (1 Corinthians 14:19 ESV)                                                                       If you didn’t get every word in the title, that’s ok. Languages evolve, and we need to keep current. When we don’t, it’s as if we’re ‘speaking…

Strategy and auditing for churches

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Step 0: What to Expect from a Church Communications Audit

If you are a pastor or church communication leader today, you know the challenges of communicating both with the members of your congregation and with your digital mission field. The communications field is developing and changing rapidly as more and more people adapt to the wide variety of digital, social and mobile, communications tools. It…


Church Online: The People, the Process and the Tech

We have been examining one of the biggest developments in church technology today: how to bring your church online. This is our third post in this series, following Jay Kranda‘s helpful videos regarding this issue as the basis. His analysis of church online really dovetails with my own experiences in helping churches develop online ministries….

Easter prep


Turtle or Bunny: How Churches can Properly Plan for Easter

With Easter quickly approaching, church leaders who plan for a long-term approach to retaining visitors as regular church members will find the most church growth during this season. In a way, the proper approach is much like the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. Deliberate planning can yield a result that extends far beyond the “event” of Easter.

5 ways to supercharge your church events online

As we build FaithVox – we are spending a lot of time considering and discussing how to make websites as effective as possible for churches. One of the things we have been contemplating a lot recently has been how to best profile upcoming events on the website.

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Dot Church: Just Fancy Shmancy?

Your church brand is very important. Perhaps when you think of the word brand, you think of your church logo or the graphics on your church’s website. Your brand is actually a combination of these, but it includes your domain name. We live in a very tech savvy world and more people are accessing the Internet now than ever before. In fact, most people will check out a church online before they ever walk through the front doors, so it is to your benefit to pay close attention to the way the vision of your church is being presented through your brand.

churchonline worship

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Church Online: The Steps

In our previous post about church online, we talked about how your church can reach out to a new, digital mission field. I have been helping businesses, churches and ministries with digital and mobile marketing for years now and I recently saw that Jay Kranda, the online campus Pastor at Saddleback Church, had a video…

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Churches – set your content FREE!

I came across a great video yesterday from Jason Caston talking about the future of tech & the church.

It’s a very thought provoking video – and got me thinking. The biggest takeaway I had from Jason’s vision of the future is the amazing variety of devices on which content will be consumed.