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4 Questions + Tips to Maximize Church Website Design

Well-planned church website redesign can be a long process, taking up to a year. Yet, it is to your ministry’s advantage to do it as well as possible, increasing your fulfillment of your Gospel-oriented goals.

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To rebrand or not to rebrand… That is the question

Simply put, ‘branding’ can be thought of as the overall message a person gets about your ministry. As Darrel Girardier puts it, “the 30-second elevator pitch” – points such as “what are the unique aspects of our ministry; if you get involved in our ministry, what are you going to come out with or get; what are we trying to solve for our community”.

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Church Feign?

Envision a meeting place full of like-minded individuals who are eager to share their knowledge, experience, and life-lessons so that YOU can fulfill your God-given passion. Such a place is Fruition Lab. Recently, I attended the 2nd Fruition Lab meetup in Berrian Springs, MI. I was able to connect with some top marketers who happened…

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Dot Church: Just Fancy Shmancy?

Your church brand is very important. Perhaps when you think of the word brand, you think of your church logo or the graphics on your church’s website. Your brand is actually a combination of these, but it includes your domain name. We live in a very tech savvy world and more people are accessing the Internet now than ever before. In fact, most people will check out a church online before they ever walk through the front doors, so it is to your benefit to pay close attention to the way the vision of your church is being presented through your brand.