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4 Questions + Tips to Maximize Church Website Design

Well-planned church website redesign can be a long process, taking up to a year. Yet, it is to your ministry’s advantage to do it as well as possible, increasing your fulfillment of your Gospel-oriented goals.

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Church website sliders? Use with caution.

Sliders are not the best use of church web page real estate.
The space on web pages (the real estate) is valuable. It should be used as effectively as possible. Allocating real estate, especially at the top of the landing page, for graphics that are ignored just doesn’t make sense.

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Church Website Launch? Nobody cares

Once your website is stable and you think you have made the worthwhile changes, you can do a communication nugget where you discuss what the church is doing, what changed, and where to find critical stuff. If it is your first major upgrade, this process is going to be much more important. If you had upgraded before, this may be something you do as a live church presentation, just an email newsletter, or a communication via social media.

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Church Feign?

Envision a meeting place full of like-minded individuals who are eager to share their knowledge, experience, and life-lessons so that YOU can fulfill your God-given passion. Such a place is Fruition Lab. Recently, I attended the 2nd Fruition Lab meetup in Berrian Springs, MI. I was able to connect with some top marketers who happened…

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Introduce your staff and profile your ministries – without all the hassles!

Being able to see details of the staff and volunteers helps people get a feel for the church and have some familiar faces to look for when they visit or come along to one of the ministries the church is running…



Using Fallback Images for a Visually Stunning Website

Recently, I was invited to speak at a Regional Ministers Conference about how churches can communicate better. It was a great time – and the main takeaway I left them with was to always remember who they are communicating with – and to remove any barriers they could to that message getting across. It’s essential…

The Best Church Websites of 2015

It’s a new year – so what better time to look back on the last 12 months, and check out some amazing church websites from the previous year. It seemed like 2015 was a landmark year for churches when it came to their understanding of the value of design & technology to their ministry. We…

Photo by: Alejandro Escamilla

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8 Techniques Used by Fantastic Churches to Boost Online Giving Adoption and Results

Only 42 percent of U.S churches provide the ability for people to give online, according to a recent Dunham+Company / Campbell Rinker study. That number plummets to 29 percent of U.S. churches with less than 200 in attendance offering an online giving option to their congregation! Let’s put that in perspective.

Should your Church Website use stock photos?

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do for your church’s website is to source content and images. For this reason many churches resort to using stock photography (photos sold to the public for use). You may feel this is a pretty reasonable way for churches to make sure they have high quality images on…


The Deadly Sin of Church Websites

In my travels looking at church websites (which I do a lot) there is one problem I come across with alarming regularity. It is a mistake that can absolutely cripple the effectiveness of your church’s website. So many churches forget the importance of telling people how (or when) to find them. I arrive at their site,…