Who is your website for?

It can be really easy to launch into talking about your how your website should work & look, without first stopping to think about the reasons why. It always pays to take a step back and have a think about who is actually going to be using your church’s website – as this will actually…


Can Jesus be found on your Church’s Website?

Earlier this week – this great article by Steve Kryger revealed that Jesus is the number one person people are searching to find more about on Google. This is great news – but it begs a very important question… Will people find out about Jesus if they visit your church’s website?


One Simple Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Church Website

It can sometimes be a bit daunting to think about the improvements you need to make to your church’s website in order for it be more effective. You might look at it and see it as something that is going to take a lot of time or money to fix. Or maybe you just need…

Your church website is an investment, not a cost

When it comes to discussing websites with churches – one of the biggest considerations is always cost. What if you started to view the expense of your church’s website in terms of an investment into a tool to help your church operate more effectively. Your whole perspective changes.


The Deadly Sin of Church Websites

In my travels looking at church websites (which I do a lot) there is one problem I come across with alarming regularity. It is a mistake that can absolutely cripple the effectiveness of your church’s website. So many churches forget the importance of telling people how (or when) to find them. I arrive at their site,…